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Smart guidance with the dG for rent

juin 09 2020


Smart guidance with the dG for rent

Looking for guidance in animal identification? Seize your chance to try the dG.

Find out where you can rent this innovative product in one of our selected rental spots.



We recommend you contact our partners in advance to inquire whether they are open and so that they may reserve a dG for you during your preferred visiting time. Furthermore, please download the apps accompanying the dG (dG App, dG Mammals App, and Merlin Bird ID) in advance. For bird identification, it is advisable to install the corresponding Merlin bird pack as well, so that you have all the information available to you no matter the cell phone service at your destination.


For more information on the dG, check out the product specs or dive into inspiring stories at #digitalguide.


And remember: STAY CURIOUS.

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